Chicago sees first shooting 12 minutes into 2022, first murder just 5 hours later


It only took 12 minutes into 2022 for Chicago to see its first shooting. In fact, violence didn’t take a break as people celebrated the new year following the deadliest year in Chicago in 25 years.

Shootings and murders counted during any given weekend in Chicago starts at 5 pm Friday evening and ends at 5 am Monday morning. So the 31 shootings which left 6 dead over the weekend includes Friday night, New Year’s Eve.

Among the dead was a 12-year-old boy. He was shot and killed in his bedroom at 11:25 Sunday night. Although police know the identity of the gunman, he is still at large. Two other teenagers were shot and wounded over the weekend. A 65-year-old man was the oldest shooting victim of the weekend.

Drive-by shootings continued unabated. Victims persist in being uncooperative. Shooters remain unidentified. Begs the question of how 2022 will be any different from 2021.

But it’s not just Chicago. New York City’s new mayor, Eric Adams, called 911 while riding the subway his first day on the job. Mayor Adams rode with reporters, but without a security detail. After witnessing an attack Saturday morning on an outdoor subway platform, Adams called 911 to report the attack. First day on the job!

Kenosha, Wisconsin, was the scene of the Jacob Black police shooting in 2020 that sparked riots. But apparently the shooting of blacks is conditional. Four black people were shot near a bar at 4 am on New Year’s Day in Kenosha. One victim died.

Riots? None. Outcry? Silent. News coverage? Absent. BLM? Asleep.

Are we back to proving that Black Lives DON’T Matter? Apparently.

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  1. A full 12 minutes??? I’m surprised that criminals in Chicago didn’t have New Years shootouts under the cover of fireworks to settle scores.

  2. MAGA country is dangerous and there are roving Amish death squads!
    Only Kim Foxx and Lizard Lightfoot can build Wakanda now.
    Yes we can! Forward.

    Whoops not April 1st.

  3. O/T-Have you seen the video of the Chicago city worker unable to cash her paycheck due to insufficient funds?
    The teller gives her a tip to try another bank because they won’t know about it.
    We have some of the most infantile warped by Marxist education freaks at the helm and it will be iceberg crashing time soon.

  4. The hint is the name Lightfoot maybe she can out bullets. So for here what????? me WORRY!!!!!! Alfred E Neuman is alive and well and is living in Chicago!

  5. Mrs. O’Leary’s cow has nothing on these spawns of Satan with their hell bent burning desire for destruction and mayhem. Little wonder Chicago is known for it’s slaughter houses, as murder in the streets has become a savage cultist ritual. With one impotent liberal Marxist mayor after another it’s beyond heinous but comes as no surprise.

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