Amsterdam Police Let Dogs Maul Protesters as They Beat Them With Batons to Improve Health


Amsterdam has modeled themselves after Australia with tanks, tear gas, rubber bullets against protesters. They get them fired.They decided it wasn’t enough so they went further. Now, they look like the Capitol Hill Police.

The COVID compliance police were out of control.




  1. There is a meme of a minion of EVIL beating a kulak untermenschen with the caption…I just want you to be healthy.
    Six shots will be mandatory in the land of the dykes as the worldwide mass hysteria rolls on.

    • Look at the despicable cowards of dictate enforcement. Holland joined in to support the Nazis with enthusiasm after the Anschluss in 1938.

      To keep your job, you must be jabbed. If you are dictate enforcement, you must also beat people.

      In the Stalinist USA we must go to RT to see reality.

      Thanks for great reporting.

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