Chicago Spent $100 Million on Migrants’ Since August


Chicago has only a small portion of the illegal aliens arriving in red border states. Still, it has been a tremendous burden in a state already under extraordinary pressure from crime and homelessness.

Yahoo reports:

The city of Chicago spent more than $100 million to provide help and services to the thousands of migrants who have arrived in Chicago from south of the U.S. border since last August, mostly on personnel costs, officials said Wednesday.

The cost breakdown came during a hearing run by the City Council Committee on Immigrant and Refugee Rights, which also voted to hold monthly meetings on the topic moving forward. Of the $101.3 million, $72.6 million was spent on staffing the migrant shelters that are run by the city but rely on outside nonprofits for day-to-day operations.

The next biggest buckets of migrant services funding: The city spent $10.6 million to house asylum-seekers outside of the shelters, $9.1 million on food, $4.1 million on facility maintenance, $4 million on rental assistance, $600,000 on legal services and $250,000 on transportation of the new arrivals.

He still blames Governor Abbott for providing transportation but not the administration that has opened our borders.

Johnson is proud of doubling down on providing for the aliens. Those resources spent on people who don’t belong here should be spent on American children. He doesn’t seem to notice the failing public schools.


For example, a commentary by Don Tracy at Real Clear Politics notes that Mayor Johnson, a toady for the Chicago Teachers Union, displeased with SCOTUS ending affirmative action, said, “Affirmative action was a means by which generations of children were allowed access to institutions, access to ideas, and access to cultures that a wicked system of discrimination had long excluded them from.”

Yet, Johnson says nothing about the failures of the Chicago public school system. He doesn’t want to improve the schools so they can earn their way into higher education.

For example, Tracy points to Clark Academy High School, a magnet school in Johnson’s neighborhood where not a single child has been taught to read at grade level but where 94% graduate.

For CPS as a whole, just 20% of students can read at grade level, and 16% can do math at grade level, says Tracy.

“Education opens the door to opportunities, but in Chicago, Democrats and the teachers union have slammed that door shut,” Tracy states.

Johnson should work on improving education, but there is no sign he will. It would be best if he told the administration to close the borders, but these are future Democrat votes, so he won’t. Democrats are rushing towards a one-party state, and that is all that matters.

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