France Is the Poster Child for Rejecting Massive Immigration


France is a cautionary tale for rejecting open borders and massive unvetted immigrants, but half the people in the United States won’t accept that.

It doesn’t help that Macron and his staff are as out of touch as America’s far left. For example, the policeman who shot and killed the escaping ethnic youth has a million dollars in a fund to help him with his defense, while the fund for the youth who died collected $100,000. The people support the police, not violent radicals.

In only five days, the rioters burned 1,000 buildings and 5,600 cars, buses, and trucks. The jave arrested 1,311 people so far.

These extremists are now hunting the police.

Radicals, pumped up by their hardcore leftist friends in the media and government, are burning cities and destroying businesses, schools, churches, and cars. Police officials thought this was the right time to arrest a soccer coach and his son for racist and Islamaphobic remarks one year ago.

Paris Saint Germain coach Christophe Galtier and his son were detained for questioning over remarks they allegedly made.

It started with an ex-Nice sporting director, Julien Fournier, who wrote an email claiming Galtier had made discriminatory remarks at several members of the Nice squad. That was enough to start a serious criminal investigation.

Fournier wrote:

“He (Galtier) told me that I should take account of the reality of the city and that in effect we should not have as many blacks and Muslims in the team,” claimed Fournier, whose relationship with Galtier was a fraught one. “He told me he wanted to profoundly change the team’s make-up and limit the maximum number of Muslims,” Le Monde reported.

France criminalizes words.

Like here, it would probably be okay if the coach said he doesn’t want as many Christians on the team.

We’d like you to see the following clip. It points to at least one Hollywood actor who should be ignored. Unfortunately, actors are often far-left and have a lot to say.
Richard Gere is worth $130 million. He will never have to live among cartels.

The people on the boat were almost all young men. Where are their women?

The clip was posted by Paul Golding, a right-wing political leader who heads up Britain First. It’s a 2019 video of actor Richard Gere speaking aboard an Open Arms ship transporting 121 migrants rescued from the Mediterranean Sea. Gere appealed to Italy to stop “demonizing people” and allow the refugees ashore.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
5 months ago

“… Radicals, pumped up by their hardcore leftist friends in the media and government, are burning cities and destroying businesses, schools, churches, and cars… “

You are 100% correct and here is one piece of evidence,

French President Macron a few days ago said of the police officer who shot that 17 year old that it was unforgivable or “inexcusable”.

That was like pouring gasoline on the already burning fire, it was a message to the violent rioters that they were right to riot.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
5 months ago

By saying what the cop did is inexcusable Macron is saying that whatever that 17 year old criminal did WAS excusable.

Selling drugs, driving dangerously fast – without a driver license – and almost killing two pedestrians and running away from police 6 times ; all of that is excusable is the message Macron sent.

By saying what the cop did is inexcusable, Macron is saying that rioters burning down police stations is justified, is excusable.

Macron chose the side of the criminals and the rioters, he did not chose the side of law and order.

But no matter how wrong Macron is, similar things will happen in every nation that takes in large numbers of incompatible migrants who don t even like us.

As the number of migrants and illegal migrants are growing dangerously fast in almost every white nation ( it is a thing exclusive to white nations…those migrants do not go to Saudi Arabia or Japan or Somalia … we must face it; only white nations have self inflicted this pain on themselves)

as their numbers grow, such violence will happen more and more, and in many nations.

This is not a problem that is fading away, this is a growing problem, getting worse every year.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
5 months ago

In 2020 BLM and Antifa set police stations on fire and pretty much nothing happened to them…such videos are sent from phones and travel over the entire planet, it sends a message…

now in France they are burning police stations, and almost nothing is done to the rioters…the videos are sent all over the world, it sends the same message ;

That white people feel so damn guilty for the racism of their ancestors that they let us do whatever we want!

So wherever you are, just set everything on fire! and demand more from white people !, white people are so afraid of being called racist that they will let you burn cities down!

It worked in the USA after the summer of 2020 ( Billion$ were donated to the criminals who burned down thousands of buildings ) and it is working now in France, soon this will be done everywhere.

The message is clear; whites are weak…so go ahead, set their cities on fire !! and demand more from them ! they ll give it to you ! as they kiss your feet and apologize !!

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
5 months ago

an excerpt from gateway pundit,

” … Instead of cracking down on protestors, however, the French government is cracking down on “right-wing militias”, citizens trying to protect their communities, and censoring the internet to keep images of the worst race riots in European history from coming out. … ”

This too sends a terrible message…

it clearly tells the entire planet ;

” burn white people’s cities down and they will not only let you do it but they will arrest citizens protecting their home or their business from you!!!

and after you are done, they will give you more money, more free stuff ! ”

yes that is the message send all over the planet instantly trough the internet…

You know the bully at school that takes the scared kid’s lunch or his money?

We whites are the scared kid,scared of being accused of racism… the migrants ( not all of them obviously ) are the bully.

They know we are scared and weak, paralyzed by our white guilt… and we will do nothing,
in fact after all is done we will reward the bullies with more free stuff and harsher punishment for the victims of the bullies.

If we keep doing that, in about 20 years Western Civilization will be a hell hole of crime and poverty…we are heading towards that at full speed.

Obama's boyfriend
Obama's boyfriend
5 months ago

Important a different culture that hates your nation and you expect good citizens. Look at Minneapolis.

Peter Prange
Peter Prange
5 months ago

How is what we are seeing i France really different from what happened in Portland?

Like it or not, they will eventually come for you. In the end it is your choice to fight now for freedom, and let it slowly drain away (maybe not so slowly) if we do not elect constitutionally strong office holders.

It hard for me to understand how a person who loves America and believes in the constitution and it freedoms, can either be a Democrat, vote for a Democrat or support that party of hate and prejudice.