Chicago Teachers Union tells members to keep silent if they’ve been vaccinated


The Chicago Teachers Union President told teachers to keep it quiet if they have been vaccinated. It might force them to go back to work. Hmmm…does that mean everything they said was so they could get paid for doing nothing much, or at least, teach from home?

“The school district and the Chicago Teachers Union have been involved in a public battle over whether to resume in-person instruction after months of virtual learning. The dispute centers on what the union has deemed inadequate safety protocols,” Fox Wilmington reported.

California isn’t much better. In an internal memo, the union discussed using a proposed $2,500 stipend from COVID relief funds to cover the costs of an “airplane trip to Hawaii” when the pandemic was over. They later said they were being playful.

The “Hawaii” comment was mentioned in an internal communication to members of the Dublin Teachers Association that was shared online by the group, “Reopen California Schools.” So funny. Children are suffering and they are talking about stipends they haven’t earned.

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