We have sneak previews of Biden’s big speech and it’s a doozy


ABC ‘News’ gave us a couple of glimpses into what the big interview will look like when aired, and all we can say is, ‘Oh, boy.’

All Biden has to do is lie about the Border Crisis until the country turns blue, and that appears to be the plan. A sneak preview of an interview with Clinton apparatchik George Stephanopoulos gives us a good idea of where it’s headed. Biden is rested and coherent during the interview, but he is also dishonest.

There are no questions from anyone but the apparatchik.

Watch Stephanopoulos pretend he thinks it’s laughable that people are saying Joe Biden told the illegals to come over the border.

This is Biden’s border crisis. A caravan a day is coming into the country. He barely deports anyone. Basically, he de-criminalized illegal border crossings.

Biden abolished the agreements with Central American nations and the Remain in Mexico policy. He sent a guidance memo to ICE and Border Patrol which only allows the deportation of the most hardened criminals and terrorists.

He has repeatedly offered freebies such as free education, housing, healthcare, and welfare to illegal aliens.

The filibuster has changed over the years but it was always intended to give the minority a voice. The Left wants to eliminate it or change it so it has little weight. The talking filibuster was eliminated in Woodrow Wilson’s day so Biden is lying or confused here.

Biden said his plan is to go back to the talking filibuster. Obviously, in this time and place, with Democrats moving to the hard-left, it would have no value at all. No one would listen or care. It simply wouldn’t matter at all.

If the Left gets this done, Democrats will pass any tyrannical bill they want.

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