Chief of Naval Ops intensifies the political indoctrination of the navy


During a Tuesday House hearing, Rep. Jim Banks (IN) conducted an intense grilling of Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Michael Gilday over critical race theory in the military.

Gilday recommends every sailor read “How to Be an Anti-Racist” by activist Ibram X. Kendi. Gilday says he is on a mission to root our extremism. He insists “we will not tolerate extremist ideologies that go against our oath to the Constitution.,” as Banks noted.

Banks explained Kendi’s extremist views. “In my view, Kendi has espoused extremist beliefs that clearly violate the oath to the Constitution that I took when I served in the Navy. Ibram Kendi, by the way, labeled Amy Coney Barrett a ‘white colonizer’ and criticized her for ‘cutting the biological parents of these children out’ because she adopted two children from Haiti,” the lawmaker pointed out.

He then asked: “Yes or no, Admiral: Do you personally consider opposition to interracial adoption an extremist belief?”

Gilday responded: “Sir, when I said correct the record … you paraphrased me. I said I do not support everything Kendi said in his book.”

So, what part does he like or not like? He won’t say. Just read it swabbies.

That is the usual evasive answer that sounds like he’s answering but he isn’t. Banks tried to get him to answer.

Go to 02:13:40:

The lawmaker noted that Kendi argues in his book that capitalism is inherently racist and that the activist’s objective is to erase racism. “So yes or no: Do you personally consider advocating for the destruction of American capitalism to be extremist?” Banks asked.

Gilday started to give a nonanswer about what he does know and Banks interrupted.

Banks again asked for a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.

Gilday replied: “I’m not forcing anybody to read the book. It’s on a recommended reading list.”

This is where one bangs head into wall and tries to reach into the computer to grab his neck. He won’t answer the question because he obviously agrees with the entire message from the book. Nothing in it offends him or riles him up enough to say he doesn’t agree with this or that.


Tucker’s monologue last night was a good epilogue to the Gilday questioning.

“If you want to understand a country’s military, take a look at what its officer corps is reading. Military officers aren’t just warfighters. They’re trained to be thinkers, even intellectuals. Many of them have advanced degrees.

“In Russia, officers above the rank of colonel are required to read a book by Russian nationalist Alexander Dugin called, “The Foundations of Geopolitics.” Dugin’s book envisions a Eurasian empire, with Russia at the center of it, and outlines a way to achieve it.

“In China, meanwhile, recruits are told to read, “The Origin and Goal of History.” It teaches that China is successful because its culture is superior to the West’s. You might not agree with them, but these are serious books. They promote the national interests of the countries whose officers read them. That’s why they’re assigned.

“So, with that in mind, what is the American military reading these days? Let’s see: a sub-literate pamphlet on how the United States is a disgusting, immoral country that must be changed immediately and forever.

“The tract is titled, “How to be an Antiracist.” It was written by a University of Florida professor called Henry Rogers, who now that he’s rich and famous goes by his revolutionary name, Ibram X. Kendi. The book is garbage. Actually, it’s worse than that. Not only is the book repetitive and embarrassingly stupid, but it’s also poisonous.

“Kendi’s premise is as simple as he is: any system that produces unequal outcomes must be racist. Period. That’s it. That’s the entire thesis.

“Kendi applies it to everything. If some people make more money than other people, the economy is racist. If Ibram X. Kendi decides there aren’t enough Black astrophysicists, then astrophysics is, by definition, racist.

“If it rains in a Black neighborhood, but not across town, then what you’re watching is weather racism. Actually, Kendi didn’t really write that, but only because he has no detectable sense of humor. But there’s no question he believes it. The book is that militantly dumb.”


This clip below takes off where the above dialogue ends.

Kendi says the only cure for racism is “anti-racist discrimination.” It contradicts the founding documents of the country and it’s everywhere in government, including the military.

When Jim Banks grilled the Chief of Naval Operations, he smugly evaded the questions and made it a matter of Kendi’s journey as an African American. Gilday claims this is an open and honest conversation about racism, which, of course, it is not.

The Kendi book rejects color blindness, and judging people by their character, claiming it’s all white supremacy and racism.

You either “admit you’re a racist or you’re a super-duper racist,” Tucker told his audience last night.

Watch this short clip:

Levin touched on it during Hannity’s show:

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