The John Lewis Voting Rights Act to Destroy the USA


The official Mitch McConnell position of The John Lewis Voting Rights Act of 2021 is that it is “narrower” than HR1/S1. That’s the Fox News position as well. It’s only narrower if you consider turning most of your states’ voting rights over to a three-judge panel in DC or to the Department of Justice is ‘narrow’ in any way.

You can’t fix stupid.

Ignore the anodyne, uplifting language of the bill and go for the crux of it. It allows unelected and unelectable fanatics sitting at desks in DC to think up voting rules no one would ever approve.

Since almost every Democrat supports the insane HR1/S1 For the People Act, you can imagine what these bureaucrats will do behind their big new desks in their ever-growing new mini-soon-to-be-maxi- agency at the DoJ.


It brings back the mandate of preclearance before a state can change most voting laws. Either a panel in DC with its aCLU graduates or the corrupt DoJ would get to make the decision.

For example, if a state wants voter ID requirements, or to reduce all the languages of voting materials, change the number of voting locations, or make changes to district boundaries, it would be turned over to the DC court or the DoJ.


The lunatics who now want to pursue all Trump supporters as domestic terrorists would be in charge.

Let’s not forget that it was Lois Lerner and the IRS working with the DoJ who hoped to jail Tea Party people.

These are the people who don’t believe in due process. So, if you’re a white male in the University of Virginia or Columbia and some vengeful or confused woman says you raped her because she feels like it, you will not have a case and your career will be destroyed before you even get started.


In the past, the only states and locales required to submit to preclearance were Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia. Republican counties and townships in the northern states of New York, South Dakota, and Michigan, along with some in California, Florida, and North Carolina were also covered.

Mississippi, because it was once a Democrat Jim Crow stronghold, was in the DoJ hooks for forty years even though blacks voted in much higher numbers than whites.

Originally, black people were kept from voting. Democrats – Dixiecrats – and Democrat Klansmen, wouldn’t let them vote.

BACK TO 2012

In 2013, the Supreme Court overturned what had become a grave injustice for long-gone sins.

The John Lewis Act puts them back where they were pre-2013, only worse.

Remember Daniel Freeman who said Arizona could not ask for ID from people delivering more than ten early ballots? He’s still at the DoJ and more powerful than he was before.

Let’s not forget that Democrats demand we keep dead and ineligible voters on the roles, register everyone who gets a license including people here illegally, want all criminal felons — even those in prison — to vote (they make up one of their voting blocs), and they want to abandon all voter ID.

The government can win any case that comes forward with money alone. They have control of the bottomless taxpayer purse. It doesn’t cost them a dime. They can haunt you until you die and beyond.


Meanwhile, irrespective of the Lewis Act, Merrick Garland is doing what he can to corrupt the vote in favor of Democrats all the time and in perpetuity.

He said that within 30 days the department would double the Civil Rights Division’s voting rights enforcement staff. He also said he is committed to working with other agencies to combat voting-related disinformation, according to Politico. This would give the new assistant attorney general for civil rights Kristen Clarke a much better chance to initiate an effective voting-rights strategy absent new legislation, says Politico.

Kristen Clarke is the rabid racist who said European brains are inferior to black brains because of the Melanin. She also admires the great anti-Semites of our day.

Oh, and she hates the police.



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2 years ago

It’s Pretty Simple. The Constitution is Clear. The States decide voting law. Most of the Federal Voting Laws have been unconstitutional when it comes issues of integrity. Pretty much since the 1964 Voting Rights Act the Federal Government and Courts have been overstepping their authority when it comes to the States. Voting rights only need to be fair, and not favor one group over another and most certainly not favor one Party over another!

The idea the the DoJ would be the Truth Police is ludicrous. If you plan on combating voting-related disinformation, then you would have to super glue the mouths of every Democrat in America closed.

Crunchberry Beast
Crunchberry Beast
2 years ago

CCP Mitch McConnell, we have already lost.
Too bad so sad jobber stuck forty years behind getting circles ran around them GOP.
You better cash in while you can because there won’t be any seat at the table for you.
Barry is so happy with this as one man fundamentally transforms a republic when no one was asking.
The audacity of PR hype.