Chief Warren Spends Trillions of Stolen Taxpayer $$$ in 1:32 Minutes


Elizabeth Warren, the far-left Democrat from Massachusetts, can’t think of enough ways to spend our money. If elected, she would quickly destroy the already debt-ridden nation.

She is running on Universal daycare, Universal health care, Universal income (in Green New Deal), Universal jobs program (in GND), “Free college,” real resources for opioid addiction, ultra-millionaire tax, infrastructure expenditures which will help the GND as they tear all the buildings down, open borders, reparations for anyone who isn’t white,  and she wants our guns.

It’s really funny how she pretends she’s not a Communist or Socialist, and actually says she’s a capitalist who wants regulations.

The hard-left nutjob is talking trillions of dollars and a complete loss of individual freedom. She really believes she has the right to steal our money and our freedoms.

Universal healthcare alone would eventually take half our paychecks. The universal daycare nationalizes parenting — fabulous — just what we need.

Forget the fact that wild spending by irresponsible politicians is one of our biggest problems right now.

Watch the thief spend other peoples’ money as the catatonic followers give her a standing ovation:

Warren says the USA has an “ugly history of racism” and must pay for it with reparations based on skin color. As if that isn’t enough, the fake Indian wants to cover for her fraudulent claims by adding Native-Americans.

Native-Americans, of which she is NOT one, are  “part of the conversation.”

Since anyone tied to slavery gets reparations, I should get them even though I’m white. My father’s family was opposed to slavery. On my mother’s side, the ancestors fought in the Civil War on the side of the Union, and one died in Andersonville. It entitles me to reparations. I also want reparations from the British for stealing my several-times great grandmother’s land. An English Lord lives on it now. All of her family starved to death and she was the only one who made it out alive.



  1. I like the expanded reparations idea. I think anyone who identifies as having been harmed by America should receive a check. I think that $100 million for every person who self identifies as a victim would be sufficient.

    • She should be paying to the Native American or Indian Nations for falsely identifying as Native American and occupying a minority position that should have been occupied by a real minority person.
      This isn’t reparations for something that happened to our Great Great Grandparents 150 or 200 years ago. This is right now.
      The Native American nations should sue her in court. They would likely have a good case, although likely if she lost, she would say that someone else, like her former employers, Univ, of Penn and Harvard, are the ones that should be paying the fines, but it looks to me like she is the one who actually filled out her employment papers, so she should be paying repatriations or actually probably fine for fraudulent behavior.
      The level of poverty and misery on the Indian reservations is really not acceptable, nor their level of education, and any fines she pays should go into their education fund, probably Cherokee especially since she was self identifying as Cherokee as best I can tell.

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