Chief Warren wants to go after Reddit traders, not Wall Street, for GameStop


Elizabeth Warren is a typical socialist, and she is showing her true colors with the GameStop explosion. She feigns supporting the middle class and the needy, but she only supports the elites. She is going after the Reddit traders who took it to the rich Hedge Fund managers.

Warren is going after the Reddit little guys.

She wants to subpoena day traders who broke the backs of the dirty hedge fund managers.

Biden hasn’t said a word, nor has Kamala Harris or Bernie Sanders. They are the party of Wall Street and crony socialism.

The Reddit players exposed the Hedge Funds that had rigged the system.

Her rich friends are losing money and she wants to stop that!

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3 years ago

The only “fundamental” that matters, 62M shs short with 50M share float. It is physical impossible to cover this short. GME is still trading around 325.

The “masters of the universe” are not surrendering their shorts/covering.

So the fear is these shorts will rise so much, leading to losses and inability to meet margin calls. Brokers at risk

But it was reckless and irresponsible for the “masters”/brokers/prime brokers/clearinghouses/regulators to allow this to happen. They are now paying the price.

The cascading effect: A 2007/8 redux?

3 years ago

Corporations exist because of investors. Mess with the 74,000,000 who invest in corporations and there won’t be Corporations, and without Corporations there won’t be rich. The little investors played by the rules that the Wall Street guys have used against the little investors for years. They organized against the 1% just the way that the 1% organizes against them. Republicans don’t riot in the streets, they don’t have to. The 1% and the Congress are seeing the economic power of the 74,000,000. You know, The People!