GameStop Explodes and regulation-freak Dems investigate


The SEC is reviewing the GameStop frenzy and claims they will protect investors [investors or system riggers?] GameStop exploded again today as Robinhood lifted its likely illegal restrictions.

Reddit group WallStreetBets said they would push the company’s share price up to $1,000 or even $5,000. They urged each other to hold onto the stock through the market turmoil.

“There will be dips today. Expect them,” WallStreetBets user yvngpillow wrote early Friday. “The rich are freaking out and they’re going to do whatever they can to try and save their own asses. They basically have immunity. WE JUST HAVE TO HOLD.”

CNBC reported: The SEC Commission is working closely with our regulatory partners, both across the government and at FINRA and other self-regulatory organizations, including the stock exchanges, to ensure that regulated entities uphold their obligations to protect investors and to identify and pursue potential wrongdoing, the regulator added.

The GameStop/Robinhood trading story is not calming down and Democrats are opening hearings in both Houses.

Trading of GameStop has resumed.

“Self-regulatory” is scary coming from Democrats. They LOVE oppressive regulations which often make matters much worse. These Democrats hate capitalism and want to install a socialist/communist government. If they regulate, we’ve got a problem.

If you want to know what is actually going on with this rigged system, watch this short clip:

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2 years ago

The 74,000,000 just gave the 1% (and Congress) a taste of their economic might. If they decide to show the Blue Cites there power to control Production and Distribution things will get real nasty. If Congress thinks a Wall around the Capitol building is going to protect them they are sadly mistaken. The 74,000,000 don’t want you dead, they want worse; they want to make rich Democrats poor Democrats!

2 years ago

Sounds like Fox Business is attempting to protect the hedge funds.

2 years ago

Amazing, 70 BILLION in loses. “This is for you Dad”