Child Democrat pedo to get out on bail while J6 paraders rot in prison


Arizona state senator and accused perverted pedophile Tony Navarrete, a Democrat, was released on bond. He is charged with seven felonies of sex with two teens.

He faces 49 years in person.

Maricopa County Superior Court Commissioner Steve McCarthy set a $50,000 bond and placed numerous restrictions on Navarrete, D-Phoenix, should he be released from jail. The lawmaker made his initial court appearance Friday afternoon.

Meanwhile, the J6 rioters and paraders rot in prison. Some were rioters but most just paraded around. A lot of the worst damage and violence was reportedly caused by FBI informants.

Navarrete was arrested Thursday night after Phoenix police received a complaint Wednesday about allegations of incidents involving sexual conduct starting in 2019. Police interviewed the alleged victims and then had one of them call Navarette, according to a probable cause statement.

In the recorded call, monitored by police, Navarrete, 35, acknowledged touching the victim’s penis and performing oral sex on the youth multiple times over several years, according to documents released by Maricopa County Superior Court.

Navarette told the youth he regretted his actions, knew they were wrong and repeatedly told the youth that the young man was not at fault for any of the interactions.

“Of course, I regret any bad actions that I did, absolutely wishing everything could be different. I’m sorry, mijo,” Navarrete was quoted as saying in the phone call. It appears he was not aware that police were listening in.

This creep will be released but people who merely walked through the Capitol, doing nothing wrong except trespass, are in prison, being bankrupted and tortured according to some prisoners.

Meanwhile, the perv admitted to sexual acts on a child, now 16 years of age.

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2 years ago

Interview with a man who was “Escorted IN” by Capitol Police and left when TOLD TO. I’m even MORE convinced it was ALL a setup BY Capitol Police, for one purpose Only, Revenge against Trump supporters. I also believe it was FBI agents And informants who Were those who did the violence. I would have went if someone would have chartered a bus. Given my opinion of ALL levels of Government I probably would end up with a TEN Year sentence since Judges are using opinions against defendants.

I would really like to see a case go to SCOTUS, with a result of EVERY DAMN conviction being Overturned, and the FBI condemned. There’s just NO end to the travesty of the Stasi Government. Investigations are ongoing against Trump and his election concerns by the Senate.

2 years ago

I cannot believe I’m reading this. This pig violates every civilized norm, inflicts permanent scarring on an innocent child, and gets to walk the streets?? Hopefully, it’s a short walk.

Walk the Flank
Walk the Flank
2 years ago

Like Savage said consenting adults do what you want behind closed doors and leave all children out of it.
We knew that for the children deception is not the real issue because power and control is all they (lefty) are after in this world.
The really are Left Hand Path or Satanic, don’t be afraid that they are now coming out and showing it.