Child sexually abused in police-free Powderhorn Park occupation zone


A child was sexually assaulted in Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis, the very park where people demand officials defund the police.

Police are searching for the suspect and it is unclear why the child was in the park, which is ever-growing with the homeless, radicals, mentally ill, criminals, and drug-addicted people.

The people who took the child to the hospital did not call the police. The staff at the Abbott Northwestern Hospital called the police, The Washington Times reported.

The tent encampment was set up two weeks ago and it’s attracting drug dealers and other unsavory individuals. The people in the camp want to abolish the police department.

The NY Times interviewed local residents, mostly white liberal women and they choose to ignore the growing crime wave. Instead, they want a block party permit so all the drug dealers driving in can park illegally.

One man was sorry he called the police on two black teens who stole his car. “So I would have lost my car. So what? he told the Times.

That’s a great lesson he’s teaching the teen robbers. It’s okay to steal a car, it’s just a car, lesson learned.

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