Children Expelled After a Principal Humiliated a Patriotic Child


A California seventh-grade student, Jimmy Heyward, who went viral last month after his principal censored his patriotic speech, was banned from attending school next year, along with his sisters. The school is a Catholic School in Orange County, California.

The Saint Bonaventure Catholic School Principal Mary Flock told Jimmy to edit his campaign speech for Commissioner of School Spirit and Patriotism, reportedly telling him to remove “ALL parts about patriotism.”

To add insult to injury, his mother reportedly said the principal sent “an email to all parents at SBS informing them of the incident but completely lying about what truly happened earlier in the day.”

It got worse. SBS informed Heyward’s family that he and his sisters would not be allowed to attend school next year.

Mary Flock is gone, too.

Reasons cited for expelling the children included a petition the parent posted and embarrassing the school.

Watch the Newsmax Segment:


The letter by Libs of TikTok reads:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Heyward,

This letter is to inform you of a decision regarding your family’s association with St. Bonaventure School. After careful consideration and thorough review of recent events, and with the support of the Diocese, the decision has been made to terminate your family’s enrollment from St. Bonaventure School for next school year.

The decision comes as a result of serious violations of the Christian Code of Conduct and the Parent Electronic Communications Policy, as outlined in our Parent Student Handbook and included below. These policies are in place to ensure a safe, respectful, and supportive environment for all members of our school community, and adherence to them is crucial for the welfare and integrity of our educational environment.

It began with the Principal telling Jimmy, who is 13, that his speech was too patriotic.

Jimmy’s speech primarily dealt with steps he’d take to cultivate school spirit among students; but, he made the mistake of professing his love for America and wanting his peers to understand and embrace the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Following the viral response to Jimmy’s video, Saint Bonaventure Catholic School Principal Mary Flock reportedly deleted her X account.

This is what the Prinicipal did not like:

“My love for America is my motivation for running for Commissioner of Patriotism in School Spirit.

“It is an honor to live in this country. Sadly, some people take their citizenship for granted, whether it is disrespecting the people who protect us, or eating nachos during the National Anthem at a sporting event.

“Many people recite the Pledge of Allegiance without understanding its meaning. If someone doesn’t truly know what they are pledging to the United States of America, they might as well be reciting the lyrics to ‘Shake It Off’ by Taylor Swift.

“I want to fix this so everyone understands the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance. As the commissioner of patriotism, I would have the crucial task of creating ways to bring more patriotism to SBS. I love my country and I love Saint Bonaventure, but I want to strengthen our patriotism in school spirit.

“So, accordingly, I Jimmy Hayward am running for Commissioner Patriotism in School Spirit. I want to clarify that my ideas are not promises, but I can promise to make pep rallies great again…I will make the school spirit great again… I will make patriotism within SBS great again, and mostly I will make SBS great again. Thank you, and God bless Saint Bonaventure Catholic School.”

[Sayins he will make St. Bonaventure School Great Again probably was the kicker]

Jimmy’s parents taped him reading his speech.

Jimmy’s mother was told that he and his siblings could not attend St. Bonaventure next year.

On May 19, Jimmy’s mom Hattie Ruggles started a Change.Org petition  to get Mary Flock removed. With 6, 704 supporters, Mary Flock was removed after two years at that school.
Mrs. Ruggles wrote on the petition:

My son Jimmy Heyward decided to run for Commissioner of School Spirit and Patriotism at his school this year. The Principal, Mary Flock, told him he needed to make changes to his speech. She wanted everything in his speech regarding patriotism to be removed, even though “Patriotism” was a part of the position’s title that he was running for. Ms Flock said that if he did not remove ALL parts about patriotism, he would not be able to read his speech to with the rest of the candidates.

Jimmy stood up to her and said he wasn’t going to take the parts about patriotism out of his speech. She then told him he would not be speaking. Jimmy sat on stage with all the other candidates while they said their speeches. Mary Flock directed the kids hosting the rally to skip Jimmy entirely. He was on the stage for an hour in front of his peers/teachers/parents being completely humiliated by Mary Flock.

My husband upset with her decision told her and the Vice Principal, Caleb McFarren how out of line they were for not allowing Jimmy to speak to his classmates just because his views didn’t align with theirs. They told my husband to leave or they would call someone to make him leave. He said he wouldn’t as he was there to support his son and then walked to the opposite side of the gate, away from everyone else and all students/faculty. The principal then proceeded to call HBPD to further humiliate Jimmy. HBPD showed up spoke with my husband and got the whole story about Jimmy’s speech and what had happened. They then told him he was free to stay and watch with the rest of the families in attendance. When the officers were leaving they asked Ed to let Jimmy know that they said “Thank you” for the things he wrote in his speech.

Later in the day Mary Flock sent an email to all parents at SBS informing them of the incident but completely lying about what truly happened earlier in the day. This woman has no business being in a head position at our school, or any school.

This kind of behavior is unacceptable and does not align with the values we expect from our school’s leadership. We demand that Mary Flock be removed as principal immediately.

Then everyone was kicked out—no apologies to the child or parents.

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