Chilling 911 call after officer’s murdered in a weekend of 66 shootings


Despite strict gun laws, some areas of Chicago are hellholes of violent crime. There is little accountability for criminals and Mayor Lori Lightfoot is a disaster. She’s finally calling for an end to the acrimony between police and the [criminal] community, although she was one of the people attacking the police in the past.

In less than 72 hours, at least 66 people were shot, eight to ten fatally, including a young officer.

During a traffic stop this weekend, three suspects opened fire on two police officers. Officer Ella French, 29, was murdered, and her partner, Carlos Yanez, is in very critical condition.

Officer French gave birth to a daughter only two months ago and recently returned from maternity leave.

The three suspects are in custody and one is hospitalized.

Chilling CPD call:

According to ABC7, he has been on the job since August 2014, is 39 years old, and married with a young son.

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Ride With the King of Kings
Ride With the King of Kings
2 years ago

They must have been exuberant over Sobama’s sixtieth birthday shindig on the south side and started firing off in the air. (sarc)
Lizard Lightfoot needs to pick up those rampaging MAGA gang members in red hats.
Read an article the other day about thousands of arrests for shootings and two convictions all year.
Lil’ Georgie Sorrows cracks a smile as the cauldron boils beneath the Pentagram.