Chilling 911 Call from a Wounded Child in the Uvalde Classroom


According to CNN, an anonymous person turned in a chilling video of an exchange between Customs and Border Protection agents speaking to an injured child seemingly in the Uvalde classroom with the killer during the shooting.

“Are you injured?” the agent asked the child, who responded, “I got shot!”

“A kid got shot? A Kid?” an adult is heard exclaiming as the child’s voice cuts out.

The anonymous person had started to tape it on Facebook live but the radio was shut down when agents realized the radio call was live.

It is unclear at what point in the timeline this was recorded. We can’t say how this lines up with the incident commander insisting the subject was barricaded and children were not at risk. A child with a gunshot wound is at grave risk. However, it could have been the impetus for CBP breaking into the classroom. We also don’t know what information got to whom.


it’s unfortunate that CNN didn’t get more information about this call.

CNN confirmed that these are the facts we know: Among the details we know now are: that a school officer drove right past the shooter — 18-year-old Salvador Ramos — while Ramos fired at the school; that as many as 19 officers were inside the school more than 45 minutes before the suspect was killed; that the school district police chief decided not to breach the classroom where the shooter was; and that a young girl from the class called 911 several times asking for police while authorities were right outside.

The killer apparently walked around with a bag of dead cats for laughs.


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1 year ago

The FBI will insure that the Traitor Joe’s version of events will be sanctioned. In this totally corrupt DNC/Media climate. You get anywhere near the truth and you face censure or solitary confinement. The AP story will be, you need NO freedoms and NO civil rights. WEF bankers must have all you guns and possessions and “you’ll be happy.”

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

The “barricade situation” is merely an excuse by irresponsible officials for not acting. They are more interested in not being sued and discredited than the well being of the children. Have we seen the police chief? He is hiding under guard. Will they actually swear him into the city council?

The timeline indicates that about 8 children were killed over a half hour after the siege began, and after the decision was made to not act.

Now that the lawyers and FBI have taken over, we will learn next to nothing. I conclude that the original information on this incident is credible.

1 year ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

That’s why NC LT. Gov. Robinson said at the NRA, “you are not the second responder you are the FIRST RESPONDER” If my family is in imminent danger, I won’t issue a stand down order.