China bans Aussie coal and is hoisted on their own petard


The South China Morning Post reported on Wednesday that China suffered “the worst power blackouts in a decade. Provinces across China are struggling with blackouts, as authorities use restrictions to curb energy use and manage supply,” the Hong Kong-based newspaper stated.

The Chinese power sector depends on coal imports from Australia. In 2019, around 60 percent of China’s thermal coal imports, the type used in electricity generation, came from Australia. Coal provides up to 70 percent of China’s energy needs.

The coal ban is part of Beijing’s escalating trade war with Australia. They promised to punish the U.S. ally for standing up to China after the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic hit. With more than a hundred other nations, they called for China’s role to be investigated.

Sounds like China punished itself more.

Poetic justice, as they say.

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Steam Punk Submarine
Steam Punk Submarine
2 years ago

There is no replacement for fossil fuels and coal powered plants. Not that there never will be and when it does arrive it will come from the private sector.
Energy is absolutely essential to modern living and contemporary people would lose their minds if they had to go back to the primitive.
Sounds like China is getting a taste of the green nude eel and all they got was no lights and a bitter beer face.