Warnock and Ossoff have a stunning amount of campaign funds


“Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock shattered fundraising records by hauling in more than $100 million each in the past two months,” according to Politico.

Ossoff and Warnock, the two Democrat candidates in the Georgia runoff elections for U.S. Senate, are receiving an alarmingly large amount of campaign cash.

The funds are coming in from all over the country. The Left wants to tell Georgia how to live.

Politico reports that the two Democrats shattered fundraising records by hauling in more than $100 million each in the past two months. It’s a great deal more than GOP Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler as we approach the January 6 runoff.

The Dem Senate candidates are getting the funds from online donors across the country.

Ossoff became the best-funded Senate candidate in history, hauling in $106.8 million in two months. The Democrat spent $93.5 million from Oct. 15 through Dec. 16, and ended that period with $17.5 million in the bank for the closing weeks of the runoff, Politico reports.

Perdue, his opponent, raised $68 million over the same time period. The Republicans spent nearly $58 million and had $16 million in the bank.

Warnock outraised Loeffler by a significant margin as well.

The Los Angeles Times reports that a large chunk came from Commiefornia. Much of that outside money comes from donors whose identities remain undisclosed, the LA Times reports.

All four candidates have raised much of their money out of state, with California the largest source.

Do I smell Hollywood trying to tell Georgians how to live? They hate Georgia’s pro-life stance, among other issues.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

Mitch’s strategy to remain senate leader is to support the election coup against Trump and hope for Trump voters to make him senate leader again. He is well aware that fraud controls the result and that his support of the coup will help him win this.

Brussels Sprouts
Brussels Sprouts
3 years ago

The best government that money can buy. Results may vary and some are a little more equal than others.
I almost feel bad for useful idiot comrades who think that the CPUSA has their back.
The republicans are the party of the rich is long gone and there is no party for the working class and probably never will be.
Paul Craig Roberts has a list of Beijing Biden’s owners err I mean donors and it is all megabucks big corporate and big tech Bolsheviks.