Dem-RINO Party and media falsely claim the spending bill and COV are one


Democrats, especially, are infuriatingly misrepresenting President Trump’s warnings to Congress about the pork-filled COVID relief package.

The budgetary shutdown is on the horizon, and we are all supposed to tremble in fear. Only there is no shutdown. Yes, some non-essential employees will not come to work, but that’s it.

The pork-filled COV package is a disgrace and an insult to Americans. Roughly $700 billion of it goes to foreign countries that grant them favors and lobbyists who vote for them and fund their campaigns.

The COV bill can be separated from their equally awful spending bill if Congress wants to do it.

The Democrat-Republican Party wants to give their lobbyists and foreign government friends their piece of the pie. They will get something back in return, period.


Conflating the issues, Pelosi said she too wants $2,000 per person, pretending she agrees with Donald Trump. She ignored the fact that he wants the pork eliminated.

The media falsely claims that eliminating the COV monstrosity derails the omnibus part of the spending “package.”  That’s false. It can be separated easily.

The Omnibus spending bill can be sent to POTUS without the COV piece.  McConnell and Pelosi want to keep them attached because the combination makes a 5,500-page chaotic morass that hides the pork.

The funding runs out on Monday.  There are options with short-term spending bills or counteroffers or sending in a ‘clean’ bill.

The really infuriating thing is that they don’t give a damn about our over-spending and will gleefully bankrupt us. They hate you and me.


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