China Digitally Handcuffs People Planning a Protest


A protest planned in Henan by hundreds of bank depositors in central China seeking access to their frozen funds has been thwarted because the authorities have turned their health code apps red, several depositors told Reuters.

There is a block on deposits in a small rural bank in Henan and employers can’t pay workers or bills.

Beijing, China – June 12, 2022: People with masks using mobile phones to scan health QR codes before entering

Without a green code on their smartphone app, citizens lose access to public transport and spaces such as restaurants and malls, as well as the right to travel across the country.

“They are putting digital handcuffs on us,” said a depositor from Sichuan province surnamed Chen, who declined to use his full name for fear of government retribution.

More than 200 depositors were digitally handcuffed when their health codes turned red, according to members of a WeChat group. People traveling to Henan for other reasons did not see their cards turn red.

Anyone with a red code immediately becomes persona non grata. They are banned from all public venues and transport and are often subject to weeks of government quarantine.
One would-be protester said his child can’t go to school unless the card turns back to green. Usually, code red is assigned to people infected with Covid or deemed by authorities to be at high risk. How quickly, it was used for control.

Human Rights activists warned it would be used to control people, but there isn’t much the people can do about it.

In the communist society of today, dictators can track and control everyone. They know everything about everyone thanks to AI.


Can you think of some American politicians who would love this kind of power? The World Economic Forum wants everything and everyone digitally controlled.

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