China threatens our health and way of life, Twitter & Biden don’t see a problem


While Joe Biden says China isn’t a threat, they are threatening our health and way of life.

Mike Pompeo warns that China is a threat to our health and safety. China is laying the groundwork for attacks against us — not necessarily military attacks.



Twitter Won’t Take the Chinese Propaganda Down or Even Label It as such

Twitter suspended James Woods’ account again for an unverified nude photo of Andrew Gillum in a hotel room laying in vomit. However, Twitter has not taken one of China’s social media pages down despite the blatant disinformation campaign, which includes an attack on the U.S. President.

Social media is used extensively by the Chinese government to damage the United States. The Epoch Times reports:

Countless articles and op-eds—often peddling false conspiracy theories about the CCP virus or pushing blame onto the United States—are being posted through Facebook and Twitter by China’s state-run media accounts. At the same time, a considerable number of Chinese diplomats are actively pushing state-sanctioned narratives on their own social media accounts.

In recent days, state-run media outlets have been pushing the hashtags “Trump Pandemic” and “Trump Virus” on social media—and some in the United States are following along. The propaganda push has sparked concern from U.S. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. They say such a campaign is not only dishonest but dangerous.

Twitter wouldn’t respond to The Epoch Times.

CCP bots have also been swarming Twitter to defend the communist regime, attack the United States, and parrot these propaganda narratives, The Epoch Times reports.


Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian is one of the most active in spreading disinformation and was the first to blame U.S. soldiers for spreading the virus.

Gordon Chang of the Gatestone Institute said the desperate Chinese Communist leadership is looking for someone to blame. It is a sign that there is infighting at the top of the Chinese Communist Party — the CCP.

People are hot angry with the leadership for the mishandling of the virus and the downturn in the economy.

There is also evidence the Chinese are experiencing a second wave of the virus because they made people go back to work too soon. The statistics coming from China are going up and they claim it’s all imported, but that’s not likely, Chang says.

China sent its delegates to the White House to sign a trade deal earlier this year knowing they could have the disease. They are not to be trusted.


Biden said China is not a threat.

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3 years ago

Been saying for years. The CCP is not our friend and really is no ones friend. They are out to dominate the world politically and economically. They will use any and all tools availible to get there. Globalists are playing with fire when they deal with China.

Michael James
Michael James
3 years ago

I have a hunch that Biden, Clinton, Pelosi, etc., etc., are WORKING FOR China to bring America to its knees. Bring it to its knees and take it over lock stock and barrel. America became sovereign again when Trump took office, blowing their PLAN out of the water. Coronavirus pandemic is them making their move to take it back once and for all. They are making their final move.

The Revealing
The Revealing
3 years ago

They serve the CCP and not America.