Almost final coronavirus bill still includes one really bad item


The Senate coronavirus Senate bill is here but still has to be debated. The Pelosi wish list is gone it appears. Mandatory early voting, requirements that federal agencies review their usage of “minority banks,” and provisions curbing airlines’ carbon emissions, all gone.

Senator Ben Sasse, R-Neb. introduced an amendment that will bar people from collecting more in unemployment benefits than they would have received on their job. It will fail since they will never get 60 votes.

Crazy Bernie won’t vote for it unless the clause is left in that gives people about $24 an hour in unemployment benefits, more than they would make working.

This is dangerous. If people make more not working, they won’t go back to work. How will that bring our economy back? They are playing with fire here.

The millions for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is still in the bill. Why? What does that have to do with the virus?

GOP National Spokesperson posted the good news:



  1. That “drafting error” may not be significant. If the company is to get benefits they will need to pay the employee. If they lay them off it could be an additional benefit for the employee, but the business would get nothing.

    This bill is to cover a four month period. If an unemployed person will receive one payment of 1200 that would amount to 300 a month for that four month period. I assume the 1200 is for the unemployed. Surely they aren’t giving a “bonus” to those who are still employed and working.

    I was shocked when it was said this would be up and running within a week or so. You apply and immediately get benefits. Considering the amount of fraud that happens normally with Government programs I expect this program will be rife with fraud.

  2. People who don’t work will depend on mommygov for benefits.
    Comrade Kommissar knows how communism works after studying it for years.
    The wishlist is gone for now but Trump won’t be in office forever and these termites will be thanks to the ballots in multiple languages.
    History repeats and we will know how the Indians felt to be sold out by traitors.

  3. While Line Item Veto is still not an option for the President, couldn’t he use executive order to remove egregious demonrat pork once the law has passed?

    And please X the spam in the comments above.

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