Dr. Fauci said WHO Director Tedros was “all over this (virus)”, Uh, No!


Remarkably, on Wednesday the Director General told an audience the “world was slow to react to the coronavirus.”

He is the ONE who downplayed the virus in January. He is the ONE who said it can’t spread from human to human. Tedros later came out and over-compensated with exaggerated numbers of the afflicted.

The man is gaslighting us.



Dr. Anthony Fauci praised the Director General of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, as an “outstanding person,” and said WHO, the World Health Organization, has done very well under his leadership. He has also quoted the Director and China information as fact. He likes to make nice with everyone, but that’s not realistic. We like Dr. Fauci but he is fallible.

He said Tedros was “all over this.”

Uh, no!

Dr. Tedros has been parroting China’s propaganda, including the nonsense about the term “Chinese Virus,” being racist. No one is blaming the Chinese people, we’re blaming the Chinese Communist Party. PC has no place in the middle of a pandemic. China unleashed Holy Hell on the world and we are made to listen to PC madness.



  1. During a legal hearing my awesome lawyer snarkily said the great Dr. (Name Here) and I had to keep my composure because you could hear the disdain.
    I will never understand this deference to people just because they are proclaimed to be experts.
    Great science and biology teachers here in Red State instilled into us…always question everything.

  2. Fauci and Tedros are both UN-elected Deep State Bureaucrats. Tedros a little deeper than Fauci on the pecking order!

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