China Threatens Speaker Pelosi Who Plans to Visit Taiwan


China threatened House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday. The Maoist nation said it would take strong measures if she visited Taiwan and said such a visit would severely impact Chinese-U.S. relations, according to Reuters.

The media is reporting that she will go next week. She was a harsh critic of China but that changed with the pandemic and Donald Trump. It is also interesting that her son and husband now invest heavily in the CCP.

They’re Claiming Their Sovereignty Is at Stake

China considers democratically ruled Taiwan its own territory and they’ve made it clear that it will one day be absorbed into China.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian told reporters that Beijing firmly opposed all forms of official interactions between the United States and Taiwan, and Washington should cancel the trip.

“If the United States insists on having its own way, China will take strong measures in response to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity. All possible consequences that arise from this will completely be borne by the U.S. side,” he added, without giving details.

Will she be shot out of the sky? Will they attack Taiwan? Perhaps, they’ll sanction something.

In Taipei, Taiwan Foreign Ministry spokesperson Joanne Ou would only say that inviting U.S. officials and dignitaries had always been “an important part” of the ministry’s work and that it would announce any official visits at an appropriate time.

Sunday marks the 43rd anniversary of the United States signing into law the Taiwan Relations Act, which guides ties in the absence of formal diplomatic relations and enshrines a U.S. commitment to provide Taiwan with the means to defend itself, Reuters reports.

The last time a House speaker visited Taiwan was in 1997 when Newt Gingrich met then-President Lee Teng-hui.

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