The Father of Modern Cancel Culture Has Died


The father of cancel culture, who worked closely with David Brock of Media Matters, has died tragically.

Hillary Clinton said she was “devastated” after the father of cancel culture, famous media critic, 57, Eric Boehlert died when he and his bike collided with a train in Montclair, New Jersey.

The 57-year-old created the Press Run website and wrote for Rolling Stone and Media Matters for America, among others.

Many reporters and blue checks are mourning his loss. He was very good at what he did. Boehlert leaves behind a wife and two children. He was prominent among the Left, especially progressives. Boehlert was the equivalent to a Rush Limbaugh of the Left.

He hated Andrew Breitbart, but when he died he wrote this:

That was nice.

Of course, it is tragic and we are sorry he met such a terrible fate.


That being said, Boehlert and Media Matters gave birth to modern cancel culture. They famously took audio or video snippets and out-of-context clips to denigrate political opponents. Networks like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC reproduced many of their accusations, such as they were.  In time, their work grew into the Leftist lynch mobs known as the cancel culture. No longer content with attacking only right-wing opponents, they now attack everyone.

Boehlert and Brock were the pioneers of the vilification and utter destruction of people. The power they wielded on social media is and was unworldly.

It continues unabated even now, only there is growing anger on the Left as they too get picked off.

People Loved Him And Hated Him

The Sun described him this way: Boehlert was a renowned media critic, writer, and founder of the Press Run Newsletter, with a mission of delivering “unfiltered, passionate, and proudly progressive critique of the political press in the age of [Donald] Trump.”

They left out a lot, but undoubtedly, he wasn’t pure evil. He was a man who went to the depths to assail opponents with a side that drove his wife to say he was “kindest, most generous and one of the coolest guys you will ever meet.”

She thought he was a “fierce defender of truth.” In his mind, his sly, dishonest presentation was simply to get the truth out there.

He was also a relentless attacker of the Right and Donald Trump.


His last tweets were to criticize conservative writers who too broadly call people “groomers”. In doing so, he made the same mistake in his hate-driven rage and claimed the Right would come for all gays.

At the time he wrote that he was lashing out at Andrew Sullivan who wrote a sarcastic comment to a Libs of Tik Tok video he agreed was demonstrative of a societal problem.

The Left is now angry that the Right is calling Democrats groomers. Defining what’s going on as grooming is effective and at times way overdone. However, the effect of some of the toddlers to grade 3 gender studies is grooming. Have you seen the book Gay, B, Cs?

These are the same people who call all whites – racists, and all systems established by whites – systemically racist. They are the people who call us all homophobes, Islamophobes, sexists, and, well you know the drill.

Pelosi, Clinton, Schumer are great at it. And just yesterday the DNC Chair appeared on MSNBC to accuse Senator Tom Cotton — who served our country honorably and bravely stands up for what he believes – a “maggot-infested man.”

We won the Florida grooming battle. There are many more to fight, but we too should be mindful of the extreme talking points because they often lose more people than they win over.

The cancel culture hasn’t exhausted itself yet and may never, but we have to address it as best we can. It’s creator is gone and we are sorry for those who loved him, but won’t miss his assaults.


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