China to decimate Australia’s economy after 122 nations join them in virus probe


China promises to take revenge on Australia after they called for nations to investigate the causes of the coronavirus that began in Wuhan, China. The call was answered and Australia now has a 122-nation coalition.

Beijing promised Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison they will decimate his country’s economy unless the inquiry initiative is dropped.

The decision to investigate will be voted on by 194 nations at the World Health Assembly on Tuesday. China suggested they may place a crippling tariff on barley exports from Australia.

The wording of the inquiry doesn’t mention China yet, but it’s clear they will look at its very origins.

The UK has signed up to support the inquiry and British Foreign Office spokesman said: “There will need to be a review into the pandemic, not least so that we can ensure we are better prepared for future global pandemics.

“The resolution at the World Health Assembly is an important step towards this.”

The pandemic put the world into a recession. Why should any of us pay the sovereign debt to China? Their lack of transparency, deceit, delays, caused it to spread throughout the world.

No one country, especially not a Communist country, should be able to destroy another country. It’s time the nations of the world excised much of China and their cheap goods made by near-slave labor.


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