China’s Ambassador Warns of War Over Taiwan


As Biden shows his cluelessness in dealing with Russia over Ukraine, which follows his abysmal failure and surrender in Afghanistan, China warned of a takeover of Taiwan if they strive for independence with the encouragement of the US. This points to more danger ahead with incompetents like Biden, Austin, Milley, MacKenzie running the show.

China’s ambassador to the United States issued a warning Thursday: The U.S. could face “military conflict” with China over the future status of Taiwan.

Last July, Qin Gang warned that if Taiwan continued to move towards independence, China and the United States would likely be engaged in military conflict. he repeated that warning in an NPR interview published today.

Taiwan will fight to the death but it’s unlikely they can defend themselves against China. This week, 39 Chinese military aircraft flew near Taiwan. This has become a constant.

Americans, expecting China to become more like us, were wasting their time. Qin told NPR that any ideas of “changing China” were always “an illusion.” It was an illusion they promoted to keep the money flowing and trade deals going.

As for Taiwan, “People on both sides of the Taiwan Straits are Chinese,” Qin said, arguing that his government has no desire for war. However, in a sharp rebuff of any effort by Taiwan’s government to formally declare independence, he said, “China will not commit to giving up the un-peaceful means for reunification because this is a deterrent.”

Hitler said the same kinds of things. He took over Czechoslavakia allegedly to protect the German people living in the country.

Despite his threatening message, Qin said China’s “most important relationship” is with the United States, and he gave a straightforward description of his mission in Washington: “Don’t mess it up.”

We can’t have fools running a government in these times, yet we do. Apparently, 81 million people thought it was a good idea to put a demented, nasty man with a record as a corrupt hack in the presidency as opposed to the mean tweeter.

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