Chinese Communists Are Spreading Propaganda on Social Media


John Solomon reported on Just the News that Joe Biden ended Trump’s efforts to ban TikTok and other China-owned apps despite the fact that we know TikTok is used to collect data on Americans. The US blacklisted biotech firms but not these apps.

A recent report by Open Secrets exposed a plan by the Chinese communist government to influence Americans on social media platforms using an American consulting firm. They’ve been doing it.

At the present time, they are promoting the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing and the 2022 Paralympics. The CCP is recruiting influencers who are “to be activated to drive viewership, mass awareness, and premium content” for China.

This is after a Chinese female tennis champion, Peng Shuai, was pulled from the circuit by Chinese communists after accusing a top CCP official of sexual molestation.

The influencers’ posts are expected to focus on “Beijing & China elements,” including “Beijing’s history, cultural relics, modern life of people, new trends,” Chinese athletes’ preparations, and “touching moments.”

It’s all propaganda.

At least 20% of the posts are supposed to focus on “cooperation and any good things in China-US relations.” This content is expected to highlight “cooperation” on issues like “climate change, biodiversity, new energy” and “positive outcomes.”

“This is just the latest influence operation from China’s government and its state-run media entities, whose foreign agents have disclosed more than $170 million in spending on propaganda and lobbying in the U.S. since 2016,” Open Secrets reported.

This should be enough to cancel them.

Do we really want Chinese communists influencing Americans with their propaganda and then using data they collect on us to hurt us later on?

President Xi is a killer and the CCP is enslaving people, cutting out their organs, raping their women. Most of the nation lives in abject poverty. The CCP is currently laying the groundwork to take over control of the world and are making their mark in space with the intention of controlling the rest of us. They’re developing bioweapons and they’re paying off US corporations, including sports organizations and media.

Xi was named as one of the most admired men in the world and he’s a killer. This is not good.

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