Chinese Nationals Pour Into San Diego; No One Stops Them


According to Bill Melugin, 118 Chinese nationals crossed illegally into the San Diego sector yesterday. Fox reporter Melugin gets his information from CBP.

He said over 30,000 Chinese have come in since October 1st. I’m sure they are all coming for a better life, even though most are single military-age men, and China is our frenemy.

This is unprecedented. There is no sign that anyone cares or has done a thing to limit the influx.

Others coming through San Diego are from countries with extreme poverty, terrorism, or crime.
  • 8,900+ India
  • 7,800+ Turkey
  • 2,900+ Uzbekistan
  • 4,400+ Mauritania
  • 3,000+ Vietnam
  • 5,600+ Guinea

Secretary Mayorkas continually claims the border is broken, and Republicans have to fix it by giving amnesty and a pathway to citizenship for all the people here illegally.

This is evil. They are completely changing the United States, and people won’t like it when they’re done if they are ever done.

Watch as he notes President Obrador is out of control.

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