Chris Christie might run for president against Trump in 2024


While speaking on the Hugh Hewitt Show, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said he would not rule out running for President in 2024, even against President Trump. This is the guy who averaged about 2% in the 2016 primary.

In 2016, Christie ran a failed campaign, which resulted in him dropping out very early on in the process.

“[I]f President Trump decides to run in 2024, are you ruling out running against him?” Hewitt asked Christie.

“I would not, No,” Christie replied.

“All right. You would not rule out? Or you would not run?” Hewitt responded.

Christie replied, “I would not rule it out, Hugh.”

Hewitt said that was “interesting.”


“Well, I certainly wouldn’t foreclose any possibility, right? So, would I consider running? Sure. Absolutely. I’m 57 years old. I still am very involved in political life and public life in this country,” Christie told The Washington Post in August. “I have a lot of opinions about where the country should be headed and how it should be managed.”

He told the Post that he’d seriously weigh supporting RINO Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan should he choose not to run, and Hogan does.

Christie says he is friends with Trump but disagrees with his attempts to overturn the election results, Fox News reported. The Trump campaign has filed multiple lawsuits, contesting Biden’s 2020 election victory, which is his right to do.

With friends like Christie, who needs enemies?

Christie has betrayed Donald Trump, Mitt Romney when Andrew Cuomo ran against a competitive Republican, he betrayed the Republican. He’s no Republican, just a gasbag.

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