Comrade de Blasio doubles down on redistributing wealth


Comrade Bill de Blasio, the New York City mayor, insulted Fox News’ for covering remarks he made about “redistribut[ing] wealth.” He doubled down on it yesterday.

De Blasio’s using the children as an excuse for giving huge handouts to the teacher’s unions.

He said neighborhoods hardest-hit by the coronavirus pandemic and its economic fallout, [anyone who voted for him], would get his redistributed wealth.

Instead, why doesn’t he OPEN UP!

Commie de Blasio only wants fairness and justice for structural racism in education [that doesn’t exist except against whites], he said, true to his Marxist beliefs.

De Blasio said the Fox News network “apparently was very interested” in his Friday remarks on redistribution. “I’m going to say it one more time in case Fox News is watching again: ‘NYC mayor sees the redistribution of wealth as an important factor toward ending structural racism in education,’” de Blasio said, quoting the Fox News headline.

It’s not about the kids for comrade de Blasio, or they’d be in school. We know the virus has a minimal effect on them. He admits his generosity with other peoples’ money is meant to help unions, especially teachers’ unions, flush with cash after you wade through the fake concern for the children and read between the lines.


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