Chris Cuomo’s First NewsNation Show Kicked Off with War Talk


Last night, Chris Cuomo’s first show on NewsNation kicked off. Several providers are involved, including Optimum and DISH. He began by saying he’s humbled and wants to do better, referring to his firing from CNN. He plans to serve up nonpartisan news. Since he ruined much of his credibility with his sometimes vicious partisanship on CNN, he might not be able to pull it off. Can he even think in a nonpartisan way? Helping his brother during the election and then lying about it doesn’t instill confidence.

The first show included an interview with former defense secretary William Cohen. Cohen was pushing for more weapons and intelligence for Ukraine. He also suggested that if Russia uses nuclear weapons, NATO might have to get involved. Watch below.

Cuomo’s first show supported more war with no discussion of peace. The US is clearly on a path to topple Russian President Putin, who would only be replaced by someone worse. It seems like a revenge move as opposed to a smart tactical one. It could easily bring about World War III. Many countries are in a state of upheaval and chaos.

Cuomo claims his show will be neutral, as in nonpartisan, but it doesn’t seem like that will be the case.

Grandma called in to his show.

I was hoping he and his brother would just go away.

The latest ratings for cable news commentary show the division in the US. When you combine the two hard-left networks, MSNBC and CNN, they come close to Fox and Newsmax combined.

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