What Nuclear War Would Look Like


In the first clip, Glenn Greenwald and Tucker discussed the possibility of nuclear war since it is being discussed in Washington and the Kremlin. But to truly understand what nuclear war would really mean, a simulation works best. Watch the four-minute simulation out of Princeton University called Plan A.

“The consensus in Washington is that we are closer to the use of nuclear weapons than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis … And over what? Over who governs and rules not even Ukraine, but the Donbas,” Greenwald said.

He tweeted earlier yesterday, “Whatever your views on what former CIA Director Leon Panetta calls the “US proxy war” against Russia over Ukraine, it’s stunning how little discussion and debate there is — including, or rather especially, in the US Congress — given the grave risks and dangers at play here.”


There are various nuclear war simulations online. One currently under development at Stream allows you to create your own nuclear war scenarios. It’s a game but the end result will be technical accuracy.

Researchers at Princeton University’s Program on Science & Global Security (SGS), has seen renewed interest since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and subsequent threats of nuclear war by Russia and Nato.

The simulation below shows how a nuclear war between Russia and NATO could potentially play with the deaths of millions throughout the world.

The researchers at Princeton developed a four-minute audiovisual piece called “Plan A”.

The Plan A simulation was originally prepared for an exhibition at Princeton’s Bernstein Gallery in 2017. It was later made available to the public as a YouTube video in 2019. Its aim is to highlight the “potentially catastrophic” consequences of a nuclear war between Russia and NATO.

Plan A shows how a localized nuclear exchange could quickly escalate into a global catastrophe. The scenario shown in the piece is a plausible one based on the available evidence.

The video starts with limited nuclear warning shots and ends with 91.5 million dead.


The countervalue Plan

Watch the video:

You can see more simulations by Dr. Ivan Stepanov, who is the developer of a nuclear war simulator, on this link.


To digress and go back in time, the Democrat allegations that Putin had control of Donald Trump was beyond absurd. Now that we have a real threat, it’s ignored. Go figure.

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