Chris Salcedo on Republicans declaring war on Trump supporters


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell unwisely started a war with former President Donald Trump. Trump has laid down the gauntlet and it’s up to McConnell to back off. McConnell thinks he can win a fight against millions who voted for Trump.

Mitch would actually rather lose than tolerate conservatives in his party. The truth is we need the liberal Republicans as much as they need us. Democrats now embrace the communists, socialists, foreigners here illegally, felons, radicals in every area, which gives them the numbers.

McConnell just wants to get back to the Capitol Club with his senator buddies, including his Democrat friends.

Conservatives also need to get more people in Congress. We need people who want to do more than manage the decline of the country with Mitch McConnell and his liberal colleagues.

The QAnon needs to go, however. It makes us look like idiiots.

Chris Salcedo lays it out well:

Former RNC Chair, Michael Steele, now a far-left cable loon, said you have 46% of Republicans who will follow Trump to a Trump Party. His advice to McConnell is he should show them the door.

Mitch should definitely not take advice from a man who is now working with the far-left. Steele is a member of the revolting Lincoln Project. The Project is the worst of the Twitterati. They only launch ad hominem attacks. You have to be a pig to be a member, especially knowing one of them is a pedophile who solicited young men and boys on Twitter for sex.

Steele was discussing a Suffolk University/USA Today poll that found 46% of Republicans surveyed would abandon the GOP and join a Trump party if the former president decided to form one. Just 27% surveyed said they wouldn’t. The remaining number said they were undecided.

The results showed a plurality of Republicans favored Trump.

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