Christmas In Paris


Race riots broke out in Paris the day before Christmas Eve following the shooting deaths of three Kurdish people and the wounding of three others by a 69-year-old suspect accused of being motivated by racism. He was immediately apprehended. The Kurdish immigrants rioted for two days.

The Story

A gunman opened fire in central Paris, killing three people and wounding three others. The attacker targeted a Kurdish cultural center and shot members of the local community.The suspect, aged 69, was quickly arrested, and it soon emerged he had been bailed out of prison on December 12th.

The suspect, a retired train driver, was detained on suspicion of murder and attempted murder and was later also charged with acting with a racist motive.

He has a history of weapons charges, and it has emerged that he was released on bail on December 12th.

Last year, he was charged with racist violence over a sword attack at a migrant camp elsewhere in the French capital.

Soon after the Friday shootings, the Kurdish immigrants started fires in the streets, smashed car windows, and overturned cars. Police used tear gas as the protesters attempted to break through a security cordon.

Saturday’s renewed violence unfolded after hundreds of Kurds gathered peacefully in the Place de la République to pay tribute to the three victims.

Police said 31 officers and one protester had been injured, and 11 arrests were finally made. The rioters are communists.

The Kurds who rioted said they want better protection.

Friday’s attack came almost ten years after the murder of three Kurdish women activists in the French capital. The crime went unsolved.

Members of the Kurdish community waves the Kurdish communist flags as rioting erupted in Paris after a shooting allegedly by a white racist.

Online, one commenter said, “France is literally taken hostage by the PKK, a Marxist-Leninist terror group outlawed in the EU. Its sympathizers have been burning Paris down, setting cars on fire, and fighting French police for two days straight now.”

The migrants wanted revenge against the state, blaming France for not protecting them from the elderly white man accused of shooting the Kurdish immigrants.

PKK protesters in Paris

One Twitter poster said, “The same terrorist organization you support in Syria. The same PKK that has killed thousands of Turks, Kurds & security forces over the last 40 years. Now they are burning the streets of Paris.”

Another said, “Mass migration doesn’t work.”

Still another said, “The destabilization plan of the commies is working! This is all by design. Gut the countries & their national identities by flooding it with migrants to usher in the globalist dystopia.”

The media fears it will spread to other Capitals.

The rioters wave communist Kurdish flags.
Can the Immigrants Still Be Called Victims If They Destroy the Security, Safety, and Belongings of Innocent People?

SOURCES: BBC, The Daily Telegraph, Mirror,

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