CIA Celebrates Pride Month & Openness – Not Satire


The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is ‘woke’ as they celebrated the agency’s “rich history” of supporting LGBTQ issues on Twitter yesterday.

“Pride Month is an occasion for all of us at the Agency to pay tribute to the rich history, community, and mission contributions of our LGBTQ+ officers,” a Thursday tweet from the US government agency reads. The social media post also included an image of the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, overlaid with rainbow colors and merging the acronym ‘CIA’ with the word ‘Pride.’

The agency added ‘WELCO-ME!’, which represents “Wellness, Equity, LGBTQ+, Community, Openness and ME!.” It’s their “theme” for Pride Month. Sounds very Marxist of them.

The spy agency also claims they’re notable for their openness. Isn’t that contradictory? They’re also big on

They were widely mocked worldwide.

Reporter Chuck Ross of the Washington Free Beacon reminded the agency of a 40-year-old internal CIA memo that advised agents how to accurately identify members of the LGBTQ community who might have kept their sexual orientation secret.

The 1980 memo, which was made public following a freedom of information request in 2017, advised agents that “one of the most common mistakes made by an average person is the conviction that he can recognize a homosexual on sight. This is similar to recognizing a communist.”

The three-page memo added that a gay person may have a “mental or emotional problem” and that “there is no way to spot a homosexual.”

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