The Lawfare That Will Destroy The Republic


Biden’s DOJ is abusively pursuing Donald Trump for crimes that Joe Biden actually committed. Definitely listen to The Duran below. It’s very interesting.

The FD-1023 says that the informant wasn’t a Trump supporter, but he also said it would take ten years to figure out how the money went from Ukraine to the Bidens. Also, as for the $5 million for Joe Biden and the $5 billion for Hunter Biden, Hunter did have to give his father half the money. That is what he said on the Laptop from Hell.

The $10 million was to eliminate the prosecutor in the Burisma case, and Biden did. Watch the second tape if you haven’t yet.

The investigation into the Bidens is still ongoing and has been ongoing for five years. He needs to be impeached.

The Duran discussed the case in the next clip. The USA now goes after political opponents, and as Donald Trump says, we are in decline.

The Biden DOJ and FBI have injected themselves into the 2024 election and are trying to knock him out of the running.

Selective prosecution is abusive prosecution. The US is being destroyed so Democrats can have their One-Party State and all the power in perpetuity.

We are now Venezuela.


Jim Jordan made good points here about the raid of Mar-a-Lago:

2023 06 09 Jdj to Garland Re Mal by M Dowling on Scribd

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