Clay Travis Nukes Pfizer and Moderna


Clay Travis discussed a Washington Post article on Outkick and concluded that when people have the choice, they won’t get the vaccine because it doesn’t work. The article he mentioned notes that 99.8% of parents in some red states are not getting their children aged six months to five years vaccinated, and 95% of the parents nationwide aren’t doing it. It didn’t matter if the parent was black, white, or Asian.

Clay Travis said parents “realize the shot is garbage” for these children.

He said Pfizer and Moderna should return the tax dollars wasted on their useless product, and anyone fired from a government job should be rehired with back pay.

The shots are virtually worthless, especially for young, healthy people, he insisted.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
8 months ago

But will the voters acknowledge the truth and throw the Dems out?

8 months ago

The People are going to Demand their money back from Pfizer and Moderna and can get it back by stripping them of all patent rights.