Schwab’s WEF Plans Climate Change Lockdowns


According to conservative reporter, Jack Posobiec, Klaus Schwab and his elite comrades of the World Economic Forum are planning climate change lockdowns and surveillance of the middle class. They don’t care if it keeps people from living their lives.

The World Economic Forum plans to turn “lockdown compliance into climate change compliance,” he said.

“They’re talking about how personal carbon allowance programs will be given in order to ensure that people comply with the new climate change restrictions,” said Posobiec. “They also note that improvements in tracking and surveillance technology are helping to overcome ‘political resistance against such programs.'”

You know what they want. They want you to live in high rises without a car, eat bugs, and completely depend on them.

There’s more information at WEF and at Reclaim the Net. From Reclaim the Net:

…the plan is to use surveillance tech to track in detail personal carbon emissions, along with giving “individual advisories on lower carbon and ethical choices for consumption of product and services.”

Further, costs for “carbon-intensive” activities and goods should be increased while offering economic incentives to reduce demand – another way of saying “low carbon emissions social credit system.”

And then creating new social norms is also recommended. These would impose a new definition of what “a fair share” of personal emissions is and set “acceptable levels” of personal emissions.


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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
6 days ago

Klaus Schwab and his accomplices are building their own ‘Tower of Babel’ by way of their ‘great reset’, desiring to be greater than God, and (Gen. 11:4) ‘whose top may reach unto heaven…’. For those spiritually sealed in their foreheads and discerning, Gen. 11 describes their schemes and what God does to these builders and reprobates of their ‘Tower of Babel’.

8 days ago

The simplest way for globalists to fulfill their agenda is shut off electricity for 90 days: are they planning that?

8 days ago

someone needs to take that Klaus MF out

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
8 days ago

The USA would not allow those lockdowns now. The Supreme Court already made a major ruling recently against government tyranny on energy. But I think we are already in pre-lockdown stages, including induced shortages and increased prices. The government has done almost all it can to make it as bad as it can. If they go any further, states will resist, courts will resist, and leftists will be voted out even in some liberal areas. Government is already trying to ration energy by making it scarce and forcing utilities to stage blackouts. The GOP would need to be more completely taken over by corrupt globalists for energy lockdowns to occur.

The lockdowns are ready to go in 3rd world nations, I wonder if Europeans are suicidal enough to allow it there. Hungary has resisted the sanctions against Russia. Italy and Sweden are moving to the right. The EU would break up over an energy lockdown.

The NWO people have their hands full this winter in Europe.

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
9 days ago

Anal Swab, one of the most evil people on earth. He will see his Due.