Clemson U Prof says Republicans are “xenophobic…racist scum”


Clemson University, a public school that taxpayers fund, employs Computing Assistant Professor Bart Knijnenburg who says anyone who voted for Trump is a “xenophobe and a racist,” and all Republicans are “racist scum.”

According to Campus Reform, Knijnenburg hates Republicans.

He wrote on Facebook in July, “Trump is xenophobic and racist. Trump’s administration is xenophobic and racist. The Republican Party is xenophobic and racist.” He continued on to say that, “anyone who voted Republican in 2016 is xenophobic and racist,” and concluded by stating, “anyone who still calls themselves a Republican despite all this is xenophobic and racist.”

In 2017, Professor Bart wrote that “all Trump supporters, nay, all Republicans, are racist scum.”

This is South Carolina, one of the last bastions of Republicanism and freedom. Do they really think it’s appropriate to employ a professor like this – a bigot? He’s hardly the only one.

In May, Knijnenburg  posted on Facebook about a man who wrote an open letter to the president of the Clemson University Board of Trustees, asking the university to “keep Chinese nationalists out of Clemson.” The open letter was published by the Greenwood Index-Journal.

“What the actual fuck?” Knijnenburg commented.

Academia is very sick. Generations are facing ruination if this continues and the country will go down with it. We are well on our way and it may be too late already.



  1. Redundant-berg certainly has a way with words. Are we the republicans supposed to be offended by the rhetoric of the remnants of this fecal fop and his Pavlovian panting groupies? It figures that FB Farce Blotch finds it acceptable to post. He must be one of the Zucking Zuckers kin folk.

  2. The hateful leftists are the foundation of the democrat party. Their goal is to overwhelm the society with their weak minded, infuriated followers and reign over the rest by redefining and restructuring civilization.

  3. Oh, goodie! Another name to add to the growing list of “DEPLORABLES” (Hillary Clinton), SMELLY WALMARTERS (Cory Booker), “DREGS OF SOCIETY” (Joe Biden), “F***ING RACIST REDNECKS (Cardi B), ARMY OF TROLLS (Trapper/CNN), SPINELESS, FAWNING REPUBLICANS (Warren), ILLTERATE, IGNORANT RUBES (Don Lemon) and now A VERY DEBASED GROUP OF PEOPLE (Brennan). HEARTLESS REPUBLICAN GUTTER RATS (Cher) and now XENOPHOBIC, RACIST SCUM (Bart Knijnenburg, Clemson U). Keep adding to the list. WE WEAR THESE TITLES WITH PRIDE. OUR MAN WON. TRUMP 2020!

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