Teen mag tells kids no one has the right to own property


Teen Vogue is a hard left publication aimed at brainwashing the minds of pre-teens and teens. They do an excellent job of it with Marxist swill. The latest is an op-ed by a Kandist Mallett who claims no one has the right to private property.

Kandist Mallett

We are talking communism here. Private property is the backbone of capitalism and the American Dream.

Landlord hate is purposeful – to end the right to own property.  Mallett worked off that hate in her article, stating that the elimination of landlords is necessary since “an eviction crisis is coming” due to the effects of the virus crisis. She further claims it is evidence of “the failures of capitalism.”

“The pandemic didn’t create this housing crisis,” Mallett said, “ but it did further expose the cruelty of payment-based housing.”

“Instead of seeing housing as a right and something that should not be commodified, the state enlists its own armed forces—sheriffs and police—to remove occupants from residences if they cannot pay rent. The lack of protections for non-landowners should be to no surprise from a country founded on the genocide and colonization of indigenous peoples.”


Every bit of nonsense these commies spew ends up as RAAACISM. Racism and their fake love for black people are just to provide cover for what it really is — communism.

“We need a housing movement based on a rejection of the construct that any one person should own this earth’s land.”

Teen Vogue publicized the piece on Twitter, with a paragraph from it: “While we’re working to abolish the police, we must also work to dismantle what the police were put here to protect: property.”

Teen Vogue is s Conde Nast publication. They also own Vogue, Allure, GQ, Wired, and The New Yorker  And they are all very far-left.

So, who would end up owning all the property? The government and elite corporations will own it all no doubt, just like in China under the Maoists.

This is the entire end goal of the occupiers, the Occupy Wall Street, the Autonomous Zones, and so on. They truly believe they have the right — or homeless have the right — to plop their butts down wherever they please.

These are the same people who say we shouldn’t have borders — Democrats, in other words.

Look at the big picture — it’s frightening.

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