NSA O’Brien warns communist China plans to remake the entire world


National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien warned earlier this summer that Americans needed to be “concerned” about things that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was doing because they want “to know everything about you”—and they are willing to commit crimes to get the information they want.

TikTok certainly helps do that. China can use it to map every user and everyone connected to that user.

O’Brien said that American leaders made the “greatest” foreign policy “miscalculation” since the 1930s with respect to believing that China would become a liberal democracy if they were given economic opportunities to thrive.

He said they made that mistake because they didn’t understand their ideology.

“Instead of listening to what CCP leaders were saying, instead of reading what they wrote in their key documents, we closed our eyes and our ears,” O’Brien said. “We believed what we wanted to believe—that the Party members were communist in name only.”

O’Brien explained the communist ideology and horrific human rights abuses of the Chinese Communist Party.

“Americans should be concerned. We should be concerned not just for the people of China, but for ourselves.”


“Xi Jinping’s ambitions for ideological control are not limited to his own people. The CCP’s stated goal is to create a ‘Community of Common Destiny for Mankind,’ and to remake the entire world according to the CCP. The effort to control thought beyond the borders of China is well underway,” O’Brien continued. “Over the past decade, the Party has invested billions of dollars in overseas propaganda operations to great effect. The CCP has moved to eliminate ‘unfriendly’ Chinese language media outlets worldwide and is close to succeeding. Nearly every Chinese language news outlet in the U.S. is either owned by or works closely with the Party. And it’s making inroads into the English language media as well.”

China uses its approach to acquire power, utilizing hardware, software, and social media platforms that it controls to manipulate the world to its liking.


“When the Chinese Communist Party cannot buy your data, it steals it. In 2014, the CCP hacked Anthem insurance, collecting sensitive information on 80 million Americans,” O’Brien said.

He continued, “In 2015, the CCP hacked the Office of Personnel Management, which holds the security clearance information for 20 million Americans who work for the federal government. In 2017, it hacked Equifax, obtaining the names, birthdates, social security numbers, and credit scores of 145 million Americans.”

Then, “In 2019, the CCP hacked Marriot, gathering information on 383 million guests, including their passport numbers. And in 2016, a Chinese company even bought the dating app Grindr to harvest data, including the HIV status of users, before the U.S. government forced a divestiture on national security grounds,” O’Brien continued. “These are just a few of the instances that we know about.”

“How will the Chinese Communist Party use this data? In the same way it uses data within China’s borders: to target, to flatter, to cajole, to influence, to coerce, and even to blackmail individuals to do and say the things that serve the Party’s interests,” O’Brien added. “This is ‘micro-targeting’ beyond an advertiser’s wildest dreams. China, unlike advertisers, will not be stopped by government regulations. The Chinese Communist Party simply wants to know everything about you. Just as it likes to know everything about almost every individual living in China.”


If you like what China is doing, vote for Joe Biden, their greatest friend in the high levels of government:

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