Cleveland Indians might change their name to advance social justice


President Trump disavowed the cancel culture last night at Mount Rushmore and called on Americans to stand up against the cancel culture. At the same time, the Cleveland Indians are reviewing their name, possibly to find a more politically acceptable one to replace it. They want to cancel their name to please the minority of leftists who are offended.

The only people who have a problem with it are the leftists. The insatiable left will come back for more. You can’t feed the beast.

Cleveland Indians is only used in the most positive sense. There is nothing racist about it.

The Cleveland Indians are working “to determine the best path forward.” Apparently, they think it’s their “responsibility to advance social justice and equality.”

They are reviewing the name and believe that they must “keep improving as an organization on issues of social justice.”


They are literally coming down on the side of Marxism. Social justice is Marxist, and, as far as equality is concerned, the leftists don’t want that. What they want is wealth redistribution and disparate impact.

Social justice is a mental poison and it leads to misery and tyranny.


Anything can be sold under the guise of humanitarianism or freedom. As Orwell himself recognized, even slavery could be sold if labeled “freedom.” In this vein, who could ever oppose social justice? A just society where all share equally in the fruits of this earth is the ultimate justice or is it?

The far-left Democrat Party has made social justice part of our everyday speech and we are supposed to not only accept it but embrace it. We’re racist or hateful if we don’t. The term is deliberately left vague and begs a definition which the left doesn’t want you to have because you would never buy-in.

Corporations are buying in.

What it is in fact is economic equality for all, regardless of their efforts to earn it. In a so-called socially just society, the government collects the money and then distributes it evenly to all. As Karl Marx said, all that people earn is done so on the backs of the less fortunate and it needs to be taken from the productive and spread around to the non-productive.

The Collective

Money is a “collective product” according to Marx’s doctrine expressed in The Communist Manifesto. The earning of money and acquiring of private property is the result of “the united action of all members of society.” You didn’t build that!

Therefore, it’s about the end result, equity, not equality, and the government has to make sure the end result is “equal” for all. Marx used that concept to demonize the rich and make the false claim that the rich devised Capitalism to support the rich on the backs of those who aren’t.

The term ‘social’ for Marxists, means certain classes of society and ‘justice’ means economic equality. This is the communist utopia, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

The goal is accomplished through wealth redistribution – theft – from those who hold any wealth.

Karl Marx lived in the mid-1800s when workers were dying from polluted factory emissions and many lived in deplorable conditions. Today’s communists think they are just as oppressed, equally downtrodden.

Marx’s ideology grew at a time of political absolutism when kings still ruled. However, out of that tyranny came the Magna Carta and the U.S. Constitution. We must hold on to our freedoms so dearly won and reject social justice.

‘Social justice’ is the theory that implies and justifies the practice of socialism. Socialism is domination by the State.

Marx’s ideology has no relevance in modern society except in the minds of the ideologically-driven. Marx couldn’t have envisioned the middle class or small businesses of today. His mantra of social engineering no longer applies.

Social Justice is the soul of globalism and climate change justice which will orchestrate the redistribution of U.S. wealth throughout the world.

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