Cliff Mass was fired by the mob for comparing them to 11/9/1938


KNKX, based in Tacoma, fired the weather guru, University of Washington Professor of Atmospheric Science Cliff Mass for comparing violent Seattle protests to Nazi Germany’s Kristallnacht, or the “Night of Broken Glass.” The News Tribune falsely called the so-called ‘protesters’ — civil rights demonstrators.

We used the date of Kristallnacht since we couldn’t put the word ‘Nazi’ in the title or we would be banned. Only Democrats can use the Nazi comparison

Ironically, Democrats are free to call President Trump Hitler and his supporters Nazis on a regular basis. In fact, Democrats are the Nazis.

He made the comparison on his very popular weather blog, not even on air.

The station wrote on its website:

“We turn to our regular commentators for their expertise and points-of-view when it comes to sports, food and the weather. But if a commentator, even on his own independent platform, delivers rhetoric that is offensive and inaccurate, we cannot support it.  This is the case today with Cliff Mass. His post on his personal blog compares recent events in Seattle to Kristallnacht, the 1938 pogrom carried out by Nazi Germany, and draws distorted, offensive parallels between protesters and Nazi Brownshirts. We abhor the comparison and find it sensationalized and misleading — it does not reflect who we are and what we stand for at KNKX.”

The Nazi-organized Kristallnacht destroyed over 250 synagogues and 7,000 Jewish businesses, cemeteries, and homes in 1938. The former weatherman likened the graffiti, smashed windows, and threats to public officials of recent Seattle Black Lives Matter protests to Kristallnacht.


Mass, who is Jewish, made the observations as he did a walking tour of Seattle and saw the utter devastation which included boarded-up businesses and a drug transaction.

The Twitter cancel culture mob attacked him and that is what took him down.

One example of many lunatic comments: “I did not think that my UW colleague Cliff Mass could lower my opinion of my UW colleague Cliff Mass,” wrote UW biology professor Carl Bergstrom on Twitter. “I was wrong.”

Mass called KNKX’s decision to remove him hasty and based on pressure from a social media “mob.”

“There’s there’s two types of mobs that will undermine civil society,” Mass told The News Tribune Friday afternoon. “One of the mobs does physical violence. They destroy stores and hurt people. And that’s what my blog was about. And then there’s the other mob, a social media mob who cannot tolerate people with a different viewpoint.”

Mass was accused of climate denial but he isn’t a denier. He merely explains how climate science is exaggerated at times.

Mass says he has the right to speak on whatever subject he wants to on his personal blog.

“If you see something that’s profoundly wrong, you should act,” he said. “I mean, it obviously would be easier for me to be Mr. Happy Weatherman.”

“I’ve worked very hard to improve society and that’s what this is,” he said of his recent blog post.

“All these terrible things we’re done to my people … and German people stayed silent,” Mass said. “People were afraid to say anything. And no one would intervene.”


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