Climate Expert Greta Thunberg Graduates from High School at Age 20


Greta Thunberg is one of the Left’s most prominent climate experts and activists. She gave speeches at the UN and Congress. She said she has Aspergers and is emotionally disturbed, but when pundit Michael Knowles repeated that, Fox News permanently banned him. In any case, she finally graduated high school at age 20.

Greta even made predictions of imminent annihilation. So, they didn’t come true. Al Gore’s predictions never do and he’s still a prominent expert of the Left.

Greta is a flippertigibbet icon of the Left. Who better than Greta to set our climate policy?

She had a few allies join her in her last school strike. Her star has been fading of late. The Left got her to say what they wanted, and no one could criticize her because she was a child.

Greta, whose 15 minutes of fame are up, put up several tweets praising herself for allegedly changing the world. Now she’s a 20-year-old with a high school diploma and exaggerated visions of her power and ability.

She prognosticates and bloviates without facts, but she’s sure about it all. Her mindless activism became part of a mass delusion. Miss Thunberg’s image appeared on buildings, she sat on a CNN town hall with actual experts, and she was feted worldwide. It was one of the most bizarre moments in history.

Who can forget the San Francisco painter who created the creepy 4-story mural of Greta with climate-unfriendly aerosol spray paint cans – 700 of them!

Hopefully, the leftists who helped promote her pensioned her off. How will she survive otherwise?

Her career is protesting, and now that she is an adult, she won’t hold the same sway. Two years ago, Greta came out as a communist and Joe Biden supporter.

Who can forget her famous “How dare you” speech?

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