Climate Loons Want to Shoot Up Particles to Dim the Sun or Cool Earth


Scientists at Harvard and Yale want “to tackle climate change: spraying sun-dimming chemicals into the Earth’s atmosphere”. The plan is to shoot “sulfate particles into the Earth’s stratosphere at altitudes as high as 12 miles.” The goal is to dim the sun.

The scientists call it “stratospheric aerosol injection”.

The authors write: the technology is undeveloped, there is no suitable aircraft for adaptation, the technique is hypothetical, there are potential risks like coordinating in both hemispheres and the fact that crop yields could be jeopardized and cause droughts or extreme weather. The proposals don’t address greenhouse gas emissions, the leading cause of global warming, scientists say.

Also, they have no clue what the unforeseen causes will be or if it will do a thing.

Uh, no thanks. Climate gurus say mankind ruined the earth and now they want to shoot crap at the sun to dim it.

Global Citizen explains how they also want to cool the planet:

Geo-engineers want to go with cooling the earth by a similar technique.

Imagine a capsule is launched 70,000 feet into the sky above Arizona and begins to release 100 grams of sulfur, calcium carbonate, or some other substance into the atmosphere. The device then floats back and forth through the ensuing cloud for the next several hours before it disperses, measuring chemical reactions and seeing how much sunlight is being blocked.

That’s basically how climate geoengineering, an emerging science that experts say has the potential to mitigate the worst consequences of climate change by cooling the planet and limiting the potential for extreme weather, works.




  1. Go to geoengineeringwatch dot org.
    They are already spraying, but it’s in the troposphere, NOT the stratosphere. They wait till afternoon. They are keeping heat IN… and coating things with aluminum that can easily be lit on fire by a microwave laser drone.

  2. These “scientists” are actually playing pretend heroes for money (funding) and fame. This shows how far US culture has deteriorated, that institutes of higher learning act as if they are saving the Earth as in some 50s B movie.

    Solar activity has been decreasing in recent years, hence fewer sunspots.

  3. These “scientists” are doing the wrong thing at precisely the wrong time. Right now the earth is having a Maulder “minimum” when sun spot activity is near absolute minimum. Russian scientists, who don’t have billions of dollars to influence their decision making process are saying the we are heading into a mini-ice age from 2020 to about 2085. They’re going to end up killing a sizeable percentage of mankind to order to “save it”.

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