Thanksgiving Day Parade Forces Parents to Talk of Sex with Little Kids


The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade included two women kissing full on sexual and the leftists loved it. The heterosexualphobes have forbidden us to talk about it or we will be called homophobes.

You wouldn’t have two heterosexuals kiss sexually so why have two lesbians kiss that way?


Actresses Isabelle McCalla and Caitlin Kinnunen, who star in the Broadway musical The Prom, shared the kiss at the end of a televised performance of one of the show’s musical numbers.

The problem is a lot of us were sitting with our young children and young grandchildren and didn’t want to explain this during a holiday parade.

We are also sick and tired of this agenda being shoved down our throats.

This is similar to Disney creating a nasty feminist Cinderella. What people do with their sexual inclinations or their leftist viewpoints is their business but everyone is entitled to agree or disagree.  Stop forcing your views on us. No sexuality during the Thanksgiving Day parade would be a good starting point.

Thanks for all the unexpected, uncomfortable, INAPPROPRIATE conversations that now have to take place with kids before anyone can eat.

No, we’re not homophobes, you naysayers are heterosexualphobes!



  1. Time to boycott sponsors of this shit. If they lose 50% of their revenue every time they shovel this shit at us, they will learn quickly.

  2. if approximately 10 or 12 % of our population is LGBQTRSXJB why is 90% of everything we hear and see, so oriented to this group.
    Who cares if they are what they want to be, I don’t, I’am sure other are not, but why stuff it in our faces, so to speak.
    Love is Love, this is obnoxious over the top behavior.

  3. I turned the parade on for about 1 minute I then realized it was on NBC and it hit me “Macy’s Parade” I shut it off and pouted for about a minute missing what used to be a tradition on Thanksgiving. Both companies are against America I don’t expect them to promote healthy family videos. My boycott list had grown so long I now even make soap only eat what I or my cousin grows, my meat now comes from a friend. I’ve also took up sewing once again. I don’t pay for cable tv I have it free over the air…I’m doing my part in not supporting the globalist agenda President Trump is only one person it’s up to us to shut it down for good.

  4. From the time I can remember, as kids we were forced by out parents to sit and watch those parades on TV. Mostly to keep us occupied while they prepared the meal. To me they were the most boring things on TV, especially having to listen to the people droning on and on as they described what we were watching. At 18 I moved out, and have never watched one of them since. I would consider it cruel and unusual punishment to be forced to watch on in it’s entirety, and give away national secrets to the enemy if they used it as torture.

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