Clinton Collusion-Did Hill Purposely Sound This Nuts So She Can Plead Insanity?


It now seems virtually every day declassified texts and emails are supporting Donald Trump’s claim, that the only collusion in the last presidential election was between the Clinton Campaign and the Russians.

It’s been established Hillary’s crew, along with the DNC, paid for the “Trump Dossier”. The latter was used to gain a FISA warrant to surveil Trump associates. Christoper Steele, the fellow who put that political hit piece together, used un-vetted Russian sources that were so bogus not one major mainstream media outlet (even before election day!) would initially carry the story. Consider the “report” not being proclaimed by Trump hating networks such as CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and ABC as proof it had zero credibility.

More recently we’ve learned this same pile of salacious gossip was trotted out to get several extensions to that intrusive warrant. Adding to Hillary’s woes, ruthless political operative and her “old friend” Sidney Blumenthal has just been outed as a person feeding Clinton opposition research on Donald Trump, to none other than Steele, who incorporated that dirt into the dossier.

In addition, we have the continuing flow of FBI and Justice Department communications strongly indicating their probe into Clinton’s email scandal was rigged in her favor. The confluence of these events, along with the inspector general’s imminent report, have knowledgeable people raising the possibility of reopening the investigation.

Which brings us to wonder, if Hillary feels the walls are literally closing in on her, what would she do? How just how far would Mrs. Clinton go to avoid facing what could be some very serious charges brought forward by genuine unbiased prosecutors?

And then we saw the attached 3-minute video of unscripted Hillary giving an answer to a Georgetown student’s question regarding climate change. It’s pretty damn nutty. She talks about women bearing, “…the brunt of looking to the food, looking for the firewood, looking for the place to migrate to when all of the grass is finally gone….and you have to keep moving your livestock or your crops…. are burning up in the intense heat…

That got us to thinking. Maybe Clinton’s rambling was deliberate. Why? Because, as a New Yorker, she likely recalls the remarkable story of one Vincent (Chin) Gigante. Who’s he? “Chin” aka “The Oddfather” ran the Genovese Crime Family and managed to stay out of prison for years, by pretending he was loco. Gigante mumbling incoherently in a bathrobe and slippers, while wandering the streets of Greenwich Village, got one pass when it was determined he was “mentally unfit” to stand trial. Finally, after successfully being prosecuted, Vincent admitted the whole thing was an act.

So could Mrs. Clinton be swiping the page of a clever Capo di Tutti Capi? The pieces seem to be in place. While her climate change response wasn’t mumbled, she certainly sounded crazy. As for the other two components? We’re certain Mrs. Clinton must have a pair of slippers. And if Hill’s short a bathrobe, she can always borrow one from her other “good friend”; Harvey Weinstein.

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