Clinton-Obama guy Larry Summers sends a stark warning to Democrats


Joe Biden plans to spend $6 trillion amid signs of enormous inflation on top of unemployment that is more than people would make if they work. He will bankrupt us if he does it. Democrats are like drunken sailors with money we have to borrow from our enemies.

Larry Summers, a Democrat financier, is sending a dire warning about inflation. Instead of listening, Democrats want to spend more and are denigrating Mr. Summers. That leads us to believe Democrats want to destroy the economy and the country’s wealth.

Larry Summers is urging Washington to tap the brakes on stimulus — or risk unleashing a serious burst of inflation.

“I think policy is rather overdoing it,” Summers said in recorded comments at a CoinDesk conference that were released Wednesday. “The sense of serenity and complacency being projected by the economic policymakers, that this is all something that can easily be managed, is misplaced.”

The former Clinton and Obama official took issue with how the Federal Reserve and fiscal powers continue to turbo-charge the economy even though the once-real risk of a catastrophic deflationary spiral has since faded.

“We’re taking very substantial risks on the inflation side,” Summers said in remarks originally made May 18, adding to a series of warnings the former Harvard president has issued in recent weeks.

Prices have risen sharply on everything from used cars and lumber to steel and food. The return of inflation is especially costly to low-income families, who are most likely to have been hit hardest by the pandemic.

Biden isn’t capable of understanding much and is a figurehead, but why won’t his handlers heed the warnings? Don’t forget these hardcore leftists hate America.


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