Clinton’s ABC News Minion Tries to Turn Biden Failures in Ukraine into DJT’s


George Stephanopoulos, a Clinton apparatchik, tried to get Tom Cotton to condemn comments former President Trump made at a rally last night. He took Donald Trump’s comments out of context as usual. Democrat media is obsessed with Trump. Cotton went on the show to speak for himself and to condemn Russia’s actions in Ukraine, but Stephanopoulos only wanted to talk about DJT.

Unfortunately, the only thing the media cares about is a man no longer in office while ignoring the fool in Delaware who is running the USA into the ground. It is all to distract from Biden’s responsibility in the invasion of Ukraine. Biden did nothing worthwhile prior to the invasion and there was no diplomacy.


President Trump does condemn Russia’s actions in this needless war. Stephanopoulos is mischaracterizing Trump’s comments in what was a powerful CPAC speech.


At CPAC, Former Director of National Intelligence and U.S. Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell said Biden’s weakness has created a power vacuum that Russia has capitalized on. 

Grenell railed against “Obama’s third-term crew” whom he says is managing foreign policy for President Joe Biden. The former DNI called for a return to more “muscular diplomacy” to deal with the Russian invasion of Ukraine and other potential global hotspots.

“Diplomacy isn’t a weak option, but we all know that diplomacy without the credible threat of force invites contempt. However, diplomacy that sees military force as the first option rather than a last resort will result in war,” Grenell said in his opening remarks at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Fla., on Saturday.

“Diplomacy done right, however, is the opposite of war,” he said. “This week, we witnessed a total collapse of diplomacy.”

Germany is raising their contribution to NATO now that DJT isn’t in office. It should have been done a long time ago:

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We Don't Need Another Hero
We Don't Need Another Hero
1 year ago

Just read some page saying so Trump is your hero.
My hero is God and my birth father in that order.
This page claims DJT is a globalist and a good gut busting laugh was needed.
It is one of those triple paren gang pages so it was just a quick cursory glance and move on.
As if only one tribe or race was in on the burn down the world in order to bring about the global soviet.

Faculty Lounge Uber Alles
Faculty Lounge Uber Alles
1 year ago

Breaking-Trump is out of power for over a year now CPUSA (never will be my) comrades.
You own all of the FAIL and misery index, you’ll own the mushroom clouds and foreign occupation troops.
Why didn’t Pooty Poot make his move under the bad orange tweeter?
Because there was no weakness.

1 year ago

Georgie has always been a reliable Clinton fluffer!